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HS teacher turned UX designer

I’ve spent the last decade as a teacher, working in underserved classrooms in New York, Chicago and the Bay Area; impacting student experiences through daily lessons, student one-on-ones and parent teacher conferences. I cherish the relationships I built with students, relishing in their success, supporting them in sports and chaperoning their dances, which were mostly great….sometimes gross.

Most recently, I worked as a College Seminar Teacher supporting high school seniors through the college and financial aid processes. I still believe in the power of education, but I realize that I no longer belong inside the classroom.

This reality presented itself after the graduation of my favorite class ever - the class of 2016. During that year, I was forced to get creative with technology; building tools that served as a roadmap through the college process and helped students understand their own data. What I designed enriched the student experience and empowered students to take control; it was my most impactful year and I wondered…

...could this be my job?

Through research I discovered UX design - a field dedicated to thoughtful building to solve the needs of users. Turns out, it is a job. And although I miss student interactions, I find comfort in daily interaction with my own child, Sullivan, though not yet a student, he loves to dance and is gross everyday.

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